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The Heiress

Produced at Regent University in March of 2021. Assistant designed for CJ Hill during her Covid-19 leave.


While all final decisions went through designer CJ Hill, a number of responsibilities, including meeting with the director, selecting patterns (such as Aunt Lavinia's mourning dresses, specificially the ones with tiered skirts), entirely designing the white dress at the play's conclusion, culling a list of rentals offered to us from another university theatre program, and visiting a local rental house for any remaining pieces. 

I've included some cursory renderings made of both the iconic red dress and the white dress for the finale.

When designing the white dress for the finale, I felt compelled to make something that resembled a wedding dress. Catherine's love, who once jilted her, finally returns to her, only for her to lock him out when he knocks at the door, ready to take her to their wedding. It's ironic, but symbolizes both her eternal virginity and her snowy coldness in the face of her last chance for love. 

Please click images in the carousel to view full size. 

Production photos courtesy of David Polston

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